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If you have entered the shores of Zagreb, our Zagreb Pleso Airport car rental services offer you an opportunity of getting straight inside our cars the moment you get down at the airport. Our cars are flush with most avant garde facilities available. We also offer you the peace of having utilized something far above the price equivalent. We offer discounts and rebates to those customers who stay with our services for long. In case, you have to cancel your trip, we do not charge you any fee for it. Rent a car at Zagreb Pleso Airport with us would be the best possible option to travel around this area at your own ease.

Zagreb Airport

Guide to Zagreb Pleso Airport

Zagreb Airport or the Pleso Airport of Croatia is the largest airport within the country's ramparts. Today, it covers within its arc a vast majority of motley crowd. With central Europe and Dinaric, Alpine and Pannonic region in proximity, customers looking for these places and even beyond to the Adriatic confluence look to travel through the Pleso airport. The airport is blessed with an array of very smart features. Make use of Zagreb Pleso Airport car rental service offered by us and drive to your desired destinations without any hassles.

Pleso Airport offers various airlines and at the same time, a choice of myriad destinations. Each year, with san enhancement in its traffic outflow, the facilities, compass, number of destinations and airline repertoire keep increasing. The airport is flush with various modern day amenities. There is a restaurant and a snack counter. Together, they let you avail sumptuous delicacies as well as a fast bite. The food is in line with the very best of airport standards. The restaurant is augmented with a lounge area, restrooms, and a special restroom designed for the wheel bound passengers. Wheel chair services are also of very high order. The airport offers carousel bags for easy carriage of luggage. You can safely add the amenities of feasible telephonic access and internet access at a very reasonable price via DSL. Want to enjoy your tour in Croatia, and then hire a car at Zagreb Pleso Airport from us.

Since the inception of the first airfield in the year 1909, Zagreb Airport is getting its share of blessings. The runway stands at a length of 3250 meters and the terminal is spread over acreage of 5200 square meters. It has been expanded further in recent times. Major revamps and upgrades have taken place and also are getting further underway. The idea is to convert the airport into a place equivalent in grandeur to the city itself. Many airlines are converging at the airport premises. There are low cost carriers like Ryan air and at the same time plush carriers like Lufthansa.

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