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Zadar Downtown

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Zadar is the part of the broad Dalmatian region and is part of the Zadar County. The city promontory and mainland is segregated by a hiatus created by a deep moat. Since some time in the past, the moat is being used as landfill. Walking through the Stone Age and Neolithic age, the place has come up since the Illyrian times. The Illyrian towers are an example of architecture that blessed the place and its proximal territories during those times. Hire a car in Zadar Downtown from us is the most comfortable option give you an opportunity to discover Zadar at your own pace.

Must-See Churches in Zadar Downtown

Roman Forums and Roman Aqueducts are among the better architectural pieces of the past days. Zadar churches are pieces of exemplary architecture. The place reeks with a splendid compilation of churches. Symmetrically and in terms of a grand structure and perspective of proportions, the churches seem rather gallant. Churches are bestowed to the grace of saints like Francis, Mary and Elijah. The main attractions of the city are centered around the church of St. Martyrs. Whether you are traveling to this city for business purposes or for leisure tour, it is recommended that you rent a car in Zadar Downtown with us and travel in comfort.

The Best of Zadar Downtown

Citadel, land gates, great arsenals and much more combine to give the place its unique style; there is no end to quality architecture here. The Archeological Museum, Maritime Museum and The National Museum are rated among the best of museums and they are the leading examples of cultural efficacy. The Croatian Theater House is another show stealer. From the gastronomic point of view, try the local cuisine of seafood such as fresh truffles and oysters. Zadar has so much to offer: rich history, stunning nature, great food and everything a tourist can think of. Rent a car in Zadar Downtown and make most out of your journey.

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