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Velika Gorcia

In & Around Velika Gorcia

Velika Grocia is yet another gem in the Continental Croatia which promises a holiday which is within the budget of every traveler and at the same time high on the enjoyment factor. "Velika Grocia" translates into "Big Vineyard" which is something amusing enough to attract vine lovers. Situated 16 km south of the Croatian capital and from the Zagreb Pleso Airport it is hardly a five minutes drive.
The Rijeka Airport is also a two hour drive from this city and Rejika which is a popular port in Croatia is one of the most frequented tourist places in the country.

Experiences to gather

Velika Gorcia is on the bucket-list of many travelers due to its close proximity from the major airport of Croatia and it never disappoints any of its guests as there is so much to explore and take away as a good memory. The nearby lake which has a water park and provides camping and lodging facilities has activities like fishing and diving. Excursions can also be planned to the nearby Save River and the Kupa.

For the history enthusiasts and art lovers, there are numerous landmarks and monuments dotted all around the city. The Turojile Musuem is one fine example. The World War remnants and fortifications will also catch your eye while you drive around the place. Old chapels and oak trees will also greet you and in case it is carnival time you will feel all the more fortunate to be here.

Hotels & Hangouts

Many people prefer to reserve a room in hotel and hangout in Velika Gorcia as it is a short drive from the airport. The Osijek Airport is also a three hour driving distance away from here. For instance, Hotel Pleso and Dream Hotel are excellent accommodation options for a night stay in Velika Gorcia. On your visit here, villas and cottages can also be rented and one should definitely try the local specialty "Oblizeki" with beer or the local wine.

It is indeed a nice place for a small stopover. However, make sure you have pre-booked a car rental for Velika Gorcia so that your traveling experience is safe, hassle-free and affordable. Rent a suitable car today and enjoy your outing.

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