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Stari Grad

Getting to Know Stari Grad Up-Close!

On the northern flank of Hvar in Dalmatia, lies the beautifully asleep yet awakened place called Stari Grad. Today, it is a municipality of the Split - Dalmatia County. Bay on one side and a pivotal land for agriculture on the other has catapulted Stari Grad into prominence. The town is blessed with the bestowals of a buffer zone and its plains are among the World Heritage Sites as declared by UNESCO.

The administrative capital changed hands and got shoved into the island unit of Hvar. At that time, the old town became what it is today, Stari Grad. Vrbanj and Dols also live as settlement within this sparsely populated arena of Stari Grad. Farming is still one among the better laying prospects of the town. It is only befitting; since the days of prehistoric Greek settlements, the stony walls of the town were considered to surround a vastly arable land. Rent a car in Stari Grad with us and explore all its fascinating attractions at your own terms.

Cultural Extravaganza in Stari Grad

The town is a great mix of culture and lineage. It has survived wars, annihilation and yet come up trumps in modern town. The quietude prevalent all across the town makes poets and philosophers out of wanderers. Music schools are rampant and so are various museums and libraries. The combined effect is that of a cultural promise. During the summer months, the cultural extravaganza increases and workshops become a routine.

Architectural masterpieces of Stari Grad

Archeologically, the town is a virtual citadel of class. Its class is stamped by pre-historic settlements and old town walls. The Illyrian fort and the Greek towers are right among the very best of architectural pieces. Churches, chapels, palace and mausoleums augment the pristine beauty of its ramparts. The voice of the city is very warm. It is more like an embrace to the metropolitan crowd visiting its shores.

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