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Split Downtown

Touring Split in a Rental Car

Split has recently come to terms with its new status of a privatized market player. Market economy has shuffled hands and the impact is yet to show. Plastic, paper, textile, chemical and above all the shipbuilding industry is taking charge. While there are still a few bottlenecks attached to a smooth transition yet Split is doing its best to overcome the hindrance. Transportation avenues are getting enhanced by each passing day. Croatian Freeway Network supplements the limbs of Split transport and the addition of A1 Motorway is a vanguard to newer avenues. Hire a car in Split Downtown from us and explore all the attractive destinations at your own terms.

What to See in Split Downtown

Split happens to be a seat of the Split Dalmatia County. Today, Split airport is rated among the top two airports of the region. To facilitate its airport traffic and increasing tourism prospects, the city's arc and peripheries are developing constantly. Split is the largest Dalmatian county.

Split is encompassed by various seaside towns and is strategically located at the confluence of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean Sea. This way, the climate is also loaded towards being pleasantly mild and warm. Split has had its share of brunt offered by the atrocities of the Byzantine Empire. With time, the city has come out of its ranks and carved a niche for itself in the modern world. There is a way to go yet but the city is giving its best to build its industrial repertoire. Split Downtown car rental services offered by us are pretty inexpensive and comfortable for the travelers.

Accommodation in Split Downtown

Accommodation standards are pretty decent and mark a departure from an earlier trend. Today, with a buzzing airport, the veins of accommodation distributed around are also gathering momentum. There are cottages, studios and deluxe apartments around and they offer handsome facilities and an industrious workforce. With a sound transport and accommodation arc, the city can hardly go wrong from here. It just needs to pick a few pieces more and move ahead. Croatia more than other Balkan states, stands on the crossroads of its history. From here, every change ushered into its premise is welcome.

With a sound transport system and convenient accommodation, the city has come a long way to be the ultimate tourist hot spot. On a visit here, travelers could be sure of a comfortable visit. Simply rent a car for Split Downtown online with us to travel safe and experience the best of this place.

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