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Traveling in Rijeka in Rental Car

The climate is humid and quite in sync with the subtropical climate in general. Winters are mildly cold and rainy while summers are hot. Rijeka's economy is boosted by the throughput cargo traveling via its port line and there is no stopping the influence it has made. Rijeka is bound extremely well with the suburban railway network of Croatia. As of now, the city is constantly building its graph and at this rate, it is bound to come up trumps in terms of its shipbuilding output.

A Trip around the Verdant City ‘Rijeka’!

At the center of Kvarner gulf, Rijeka is among the busiest ports of Croatia. Most of the people living here are Croats though there is a distinct Italian influence and the Adriatic confluence guides the city's port routes towards Italy. Rijeka is known for its shipbuilding industry. In fact, much of its revenue comes from this industry. Also, marine transport ranks very high in terms of its revenue generation.

The history of the city is seeped in a mighty lineage. It was ruled by Ostrogoths and later the Byzantines. After the fall of Ottoman Empire and Constantinople, the Islamic caliphate was given a thumb down and Catholicism arrived on the scene. Rijeka is attached to Hungary and it is ruled directly by the governor stationed at Budapest. Travelers arriving at the airport can easily commute to their desired destinations and experience the best of Rijeka with car rental booked online with us.

Notable Attractions in Rijeka

If you visit Rijeka, make sure that you make a move to Torpedo Factory and the Trsatian Madonna Sanctuary. The Roman Triumphal Arch is another pleasant highlight of the city. Trsat Castle, Maritime & History Museum, St Vitus' Cathedral, Astronomical Centre, City Tower, Natural History Museum, and Our Lady of Trsat Church are the other eminent places to head to on your trip here.

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