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The Krk airport in Croatia, is located on Krk island, in the Adriatic Sea. This absolutely breathtaking location for holiday goers, boats so many things to do and see that they claim you cannot possibly do everything, even if you were to stay for months at a time. That's really good news, specifically if you would like to do many things, while on vacation, including just lounge by the sea and take in the sun and surf. You can utilize the friendly folk of Croatia Rental Cars, many of whom are local people who know just where you want to go. All you need to do is inquire, and they will be happy to help you out.


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Krk island is like no other, and rightfully so. It is approximately 409 square miles all around, and contains just over 13,000 inhabitants, which does not include tourist numbers. It is the largest island, that is part of the Kvarner archpelago island group, located in the north part of the Adriatic Sea.Croatia Rental Cars knows all about the area, since they drive it on a regular basis. By the time you are ready to see the sights in the area, you will be more than motivated to high this premier car service where you can both see the sights and enjoy yourself, which is the main purpose for any holiday.

The northern most part of the island is specifically full of thick forest cover. The southern most part is on higher ground, and is somewhat bare with thick forest here and there, scattered about. There are lush places to walk, when the weather is beautiful and there is a nice sea breeze passing through the trees.

It isn't any wonder that pirates would occasionally hang out on Krk, prior to the Byzantine Empire's take over, which was succeeded by Italy, then Hungary and eventually Yugoslavia. The break up of Yugoslavia left Croatia its own country. Let Croatia Rental Cars take you to the historic parts of Krk. Their website is You'll be very happy you did.

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